365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 202

It’s horribly tragic what just transpired in Aurora Colorado. The selfish, thoughtles and careless act of one person, unleashed loss in families, a community and our nation. Today I will post another one of my poems that didn’t make it into my book, Salsa! The Taste of Life, due out  soon. I want to honor the families that were directly touched by this sudden tragedy…R.I.P.

God‘s Workmanship


The Master is forever working, creating, perfecting.

His subject? A living canvas.

He chooses and mixes the various mediums.

What starts out seemingly chaotic, is being made perfect

through His loving touch.



His discriminating eye is constantly scrutinizing…

the past, He obscures in shades of gray,

lest you forget from where you came.

Accentuating in dazzling hues those things about you,

that deeply touch and delight Him.



On those days you are feeling frustrated and forgotten:

Do Not Fear! The Master is lovingly letting the canvas rest.

For there are wet layers of paint that must dry:

Deep-seated issues that can’t be worked out overnight.

Tomorrow, He’ll continue where He left off.



Then there are days of non-stop work.

The canvas cries out, “I’m tired! I have had enough!”

The Master lovingly ignores the pleas,

for He alone knows when to cease.



At times when your fears seem insurmountable,

and failure is your constant companion.

Rest assured His plan is bigger than the canvas:

He will work it ALL out!



Those things that hurt,

the wounding you have suffered,

He mixes His tears with dark shades of crimson…

…to remind you He’s been there with you, holding you

as you were shamed and mistreated.


Alas, The Master stands back,

the living canvas is nearing completion…NOT!

For this is the work of a lifetime.

May the fullness of the essence of God,

forever wash on your living canvas!



You Are His work of art on Display!

-Eva Santiago Copyright 2012

Colorado, you are in my prayers.

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

I know that you wild riders out there come to my blog for a full cup of adventure, but today I am filled with profound sadness.

Last night in Aurora, Colorado, 24-year-old James Holmes, armed with an AK-47 and two other assault weapons while wearing a long black coat and gas mask, killed 12 and wounded 59 movie-goers at the premier of The Dark Knight Rises. As Holmes stormed the theater, he released several tear gas canisters.

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