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Hi readers! I’m back after a few days of being away from my blog. When I don’t post rest assured that at times I’m reading other blogs and everyday I do check into my blog to see if anyone liked or commented on my posts. I DO love hearing from you. Lately though, I was working on the last round of edits for my up and coming 2nd book; Salsa! the Taste of  Life and as you can imagine, that was consuming my time because I had a dead line to meet.


Now the book has moved on to the process of designing the book cover. I received a couple of samples and I had to pick one over the other. When they finish working on it, I will post the cover on here so you can get a sneak peak of my “baby”. I have always said that publishing a book is a  lot like child birth; with out the physical pain. Oh there IS pain involved in publishing a book, no doubt about it! The pain comes though, during the editing process when you have to listen to your editor’s suggestions that will help make the book better. Honestly, I enjoy this whole process  so much,that I don’t see myself doing anything else.  So I leave you with this quote from yours truly: ” The day I stop writing is because they had to pry my pen from my cold hand!” 🙂
















This made me smile and I hope you smile too! Happy Wednesday 🙂


Illustrator Dante Tyler reimagines popular Disney princess as glamorized fashion icons, putting their likenesses into the covers of Vogue.

I am not influenced by the techniques or fashions of any other motion picture company.Walt Disney

Pokemons everywhere
Barbie Fashion model
Toxic Women covers
Cartoon Skeletal system
POPaganda art, and crimes

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