This is a free public announcement. If you’re in my area, please share this with as many people as possible because there is power in numbers! Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂
Please forward and post on every website possible.
Tuesday, 6/12/12 @6:59pm
The Orleans Hotel;
 2nd floor Ballroom
If this is allowed to stand, your electric bill will go up. Can anyone afford to pay more for electricity? ACT NOW!!!
We will be sending one or two more emails, that I would like everyone to forward on to their address book of everyone in Nevada and post to every web site they have access to. At this meeting the filming will be done and edited by a professional videographer. A call to action will occur after the meeting for everyone to pass this youtube video along to everyone in their address book and to the state legislators,Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, and more. I will have all the officials email addresses included in the email to make it easier for folks to forward to them. We need a relentless stream, and a constant pounding of this video email. It is up to us to force it to go viral.
      It is imperative that we have lots of folks at this meeting so they can be in the video holding up their hands in opposition to smart meters. We would like to have as many Realtors attend this meeting as possible as smart meters will negatively effect their business. We would like to have any other groups attend. Seniors groups, Political action groups, Candidates, Gun groups, Americans with Disabilities groups, Animal rights groups, Veterans groups, Child advocacy groups, Medical professional groups, or any other group you can think of.EVERYONE will be negatively effected by smart meters and we should not have these oppressive fees force us into giving away our security and our privacy. It is like extortion to me, and should not be allowed by those who’s duty it is to protect us from this monopoly. We must now force our officials to take action to protect us, since it is obvious they will not do this willingly
Thank you for your participation. If anyone needs a ride to this event, please let me know and we will do our best to get you there.
Penny Hess
Wildlife Artist/Taxidermist

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