We can never forget them…


     This is a new poem dedicated to those who have lived, served and died for the freedom of people everywhere, not just for those of us who live here in the U.S. Many nations owe their freedom to the men and women buried here, who fought against tyranny and oppression on every continent. Throughout our relatively short history they have gone where they were needed, did what they had to do, but not all came home the same as they went. Many of the “heroes” buried here at Arlington National Cemetary near Washington, D.C. died in battle, some died of complications from battle, while others are here because they earned the right to be here, because they were willing to go into battle should they be called upon.

     It is with honor and humility that I post this today. May God rest their souls, everyone.

     Tomorrow we celebrate a day of remembrance for those we…

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365 Snap Shots of Life:Day 148

Do you believe in this old saying: You reap what you sow? Do you still believe in the kindness of strangers? In this world we live in with all the negativity the media broadcasts it’s easy to forget those simple truths.

Yesterday I was at the library. When we came out our car was dead. So we tried to figure out what the problem was,looked under the hood trying to trouble shoot. Then a man in his 60’s walked by us with his grandchild, a cute little kid who wore glasses just like grandpa’s . He offered to help us jump-start the battery and then we ran into the second problem; the jump-start cables were too short. Thankfully I had paid attention to the person who had parked on the other side of us just a few minutes before. I ran back into the library and found her checking out. I asked her if she could help us and she hurried to finish checking out and a few minutes later she allowed us to use her car to jump-start our battery.

There are a lot of good people out there who will help. If you do your part to help someone out, it DOES come back to you when you need it. In the movie BRUCE ALMIGHTY,God tells  Bruce,” Be the miracle people need.” Sometimes those miracles can be something as practical as jump starting someone’s car 🙂 

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! Be someone’s miracle today 🙂