365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 121

Rejoice! Rejoice and be glad!
For you see,
being a nobody isnโ€™t so bad.
Weโ€™ve all been lied to,
conditioned and misinformed;
told us that in order to be loved,
we must get and acquire and do.
So they put us all on a treadmill.
We became a horde of scrambling rats,
scurrying at break neck speed.
The rat race was where it was all supposed to be.
Then one day you stop,
realizing you were made for a higher purpose;
for in all your getting and acquiring,
youโ€™ve become a bankrupt soul.
Thatโ€™s when it all starts unraveling.
Suddenly you find yourself traveling-
down a long slippery slope.
You see what youโ€™ve known all along:
that rat race youโ€™ve been running,
takes you nowhere after all.
Thatโ€™s when you meet The One,
He says to us all,
โ€œ Come follow me.
Stop all your senseless activity.
Iโ€™ll make you an original,
just what you always dreamed youโ€™d be.โ€

So Rejoice! Rejoice and be glad,
Rest assured and hear me say,
โ€ Stay on course. Donโ€™t deviate from the straight and narrow.โ€
If you do, youโ€™ll only be a misguided arrow.
Trust Him, abide and stay put.
Youโ€™ve come this far,
you donโ€™t want what others seek-
to be a fleeting shooting star.
All that He has is YOURS: The riches of His kingdom.

Eva Santiago ยฉ 2012