365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 114

I just received news that a wonderful woman I knew passed away today. She was the midwife who assisted me in delivering my 4th child in a lovely home birth. I wrote this poem a while back about her and I’m posting it here today in remembrance. R.I.P. Sweet Kaye…

I post no actual photo today but in its stead, I’ll paint you my word picture of this precious soul.


Blue eyes that tell a story,

of loves’ loss,

tinged with perhaps a bit,

of yesterday’s glory.


Eyes of azure,

tinted with sadness;

azure,cerulean, lapis-lazuli,

oh why have they not seen their jubilee?


Hiding behind a curtain…

…seen way too much?

perhaps losing hope?

is it too much with which to cope?


Life and death situations abound all around,

one day up, the next, she’s low to the ground,

and still Kaye hearkens her ear to the sound….

…. phonic, sonic, supersonic faith sings her resounding song.


Not a faith based on what is seen,

but on trust and belief,

that only comes once,

from the secret place.


Kaye will dwell ,occupy and reside,

in the secret place of The Most High,

she’ll abide and remain under His shadow,

proclaiming Him always her refuge, her tower, her strength!

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012