The Good ‘Ole Days..REALLY??

Mad Men
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Lately I’ve been watching MAD MEN, a great TV series on AMC. The writing and the acting are superb and after viewing the first show of the first season I am hooked! That’s surprising being that I’m not big on watching TV. It takes me a while to find a show that I can anticipate watching every single episode.

MAD MEN is an honest show about an era that I’ve often heard described by my husband who is 20 years my senior, as “the good ‘ole days”. I always hate hearing that not just from him but other nostalgia seekers. MAD MEN  which is set during the ’60’s depicts that time period as it really was. The men were for the most part, sexist pigs who lived and played by their own rules. Meanwhile their wives worked their butts off at home running the home and tending to the children. On one episode, I was amazed at how Don Draper, the lead character controlled his wife. She had just purchased a bikini and  she wore it in the morning because she was taking their 2 kids to the pool later on. He chastised her for having bought such a scanty suit and forbade her to wear  it any place. Meanwhile this is the man who has had multiple illicit affairs with several women even since the show began.

If 4 to 5 decades ago is considered the “good ‘ole days” what have we now? I believe what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes:

I don’t believe there is a generation that has had it better than the rest. Men and women have always had issues to deal with. The conflict between genders has always been. From the beginning of time there has been rape, incest, spousal abuse, domestic violence, abortion, homosexuality and any other kind of social ill you can think of. Men have always been men and women have always been women and we will continue so. To pine away for the mythical better days gone by is as illusive as pining away for a rainbow.

Personally I think we live in better times than back then because now people are more open to discussing issues that were once considered tabu. I noticed in MAD MEN that everyone smoked and drank; whether at the office, at home or at play, these seemingly perfect people with perfect lifestyles were killing themselves slowly with each drink they downed and every cigarette they lit. So if those were the “good ‘ole days” why were people numbing themselves with their poisons?

On a much lighter note. I appreciate how back then people took time to dress appropriately and there was still some propriety in the way men and women behaved with one another. That’s something that’s lacking now a days.  So instead of wishing for the “good ‘ole days”, why not make the time you have allotted to you in this life the BEST it can be. After all, what message are we sending our young people about the times they live in? Make up your mind to make good days out of your time here and you’ll be amazed at how what you long for in another era perhaps wasn’t as good as you thought it was.


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