The Upside

โ€œPower tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.โ€ (Lord Acton)

Power comes in many different forms.ย  Executive position, influence, knowledge, ability, pedigree, wealth.ย  Whatever your station in life, you exercise varying degrees of power.

Some of us are single and are empowered to direct our own lives and influence the people around us.ย  Some have positions in the marketplace carrying significant executive weight and accountability.ย  Others of us are born into privilege and responsibility, a greater degree of power carrying commensurate benefits or consequences depending on its stewardship.ย  One canโ€™t help thinking about the Kennedyโ€™s and the Rockefellers.ย  Or the House of Windsor.

Iโ€™ve noticed, after nearly five decades of living, that power, when givenโ€”as in, say, a sizeable job promotionโ€”tends to bring out what is hidden in the heart of the one to whom it is delegated.

For some, it brings into relief the most noble qualitiesโ€”service, care, efficiencyโ€ฆ

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