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Wednesday, March 7. 2012

Cabo de Gata Natural Park, Spain by Martyn Thompson

“The Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata is a much understated  area of  the Almeria province of Spain. In the summer, people flock to this  heaven-on-earth for it’s stunning beaches but what of other times of the  year? During Spring & Autumn and to some extent winter also, there is the  most beautiful ambient light and the colours, flora & fauna are truly  something wonderful to behold.” –  said the photographer

Thank you Martin!

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True words sung by a brilliant musician.

Spine & Spin

I first encountered this C.S. Lewis poem on the record pictured here.  It was 1981.  I bought this album, entitled Love Broke Thru by Phil Keaggy. It remains one of my most valuable recordings.

If you know much about Phil and his wife, Bernadette, you know that the work of C.S. Lewis looms large in their pilgrimage.  It has given them light through very trying times, especially the time in which the music for this recording was created.

The third song on Side One is this work of poetry by Lewis sung by Phil to guitars and flute.

The poem is an eloquent unveiling, as it were, of the empty life of the self-absorbed and the way out of the shell.  Phil beautifully set this to music.  It is a moving poem and song.  Enjoy.

As The Ruin Falls

All this is flashy rhetoric about loving you.
I never had…

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