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I love winter, and I love snow even more. What I love less is temperatures falling down to  -18°C, especially when it’s 8 am and I am ready to go out with my camera… though I perfectly know that without those temperatures I wouldn’t have been able to rejoice at the view of two iced lakes. What a fascinating scene!

Last week I spent a funny and beautiful morning photographing around two lakes not far from where I live. It started out as a cloudy morning, then slowly turned into a glorious sunny day. Though it was freezingly cold, I was so wrapped up in joy at taking photos that I didn’t feel it that much (or was it because of the 3 sweaters and warm heavy trousers I was wearing?!)

These are some shots of the day. Put on your coat, it’s going to be very cold!

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365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 58

This picture I took at the Grand Canyon a while back. The Grand’s like if God’s hand scooped out a bunch of earth and left in its place this wonderful master piece.

Grand Canyon

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012