Fashion Faux Pas or They Just Don’t Give a Hoot?

I was watching Rick Steven’s Europe on PBS the other night. I lived in Europe for 3 years when I was in my teens. Rick Stevens was doing a segment on Rome and I was observing how nicely dressed the people on my T.V. screen were. Then I let out a big sigh.

Earlier that day I went to the Walgreens close to my home. The 3 women in line ahead of me were middle-aged like me and they all were sporting  house shoes.  One of them was walking around in her plaid pajama pants. Earlier that same week I  shopped at Walmart where I saw  a whole family from mom and dad,to their teen daughters in house shoes and pajama pants.

Since when did  

and                 become acceptable going out of your house apparel?

Just who sets the right examples for young people anymore?

As I finished watching the show on PBS, I wished I lived back in Europe where people still care about presenting their best when they go out in public. 

If you are reading this and you are guilty of committing such a fashion blunder, please don’t take offense. All I’m saying is why do people want to go around town looking a mess and disheveled, when they can take a little time on themselves, before heading out of their door, thusly presenting their best to the world?

What do you think dear reader? Do you see this fashion faux pas a lot, a little or never in your own home town? I welcome your comments! If you have anything unkind to say please refrain from commenting, thanks!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Faux Pas or They Just Don’t Give a Hoot?

  1. I have been guilty of leaving the house in sweats, but agree about putting in effort! I’m currently studying in England and I’ve never once seen girls in anything less than polished, fashionable outifts!


    1. Well,when I go to the gym I wear my sweat pants and I understand that folks do tend to stop at the grocery store on the way home from the gym. Sweat pants are forgiven for that matter. 🙂 Pajamas in public?? There is NO excuse for that ever :)!


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