365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 31

January 31,2012

I will leave you with this photo I took when I went to Redondo Beach over the holidays. Do you ever wonder how places get their names? This beach is lovely, and yet Redondo, which means round in Spanish, just doesn’t make sense to me. So before I get redundant about Redondo Beach I wish you  a happy day!


The D'Silva Tribune

Woo hoo!

Within the next hour we will be celebrating my mother’s birthday. I am especially happy for her because if there is anybody who deserves greatness it would be she.


This is a great year for her because she will be publishing her second book… So if you want a smashing read I suggest that you look for Salsa a wonderful book of short stories, poems and pros.


Happy Birthday Mama I love you ;D




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