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Early this morning I was listening to music and I began to pray. During my praying, this stranger came to my spirit, and I began to see the emotional turmoil they had experienced in their lifetime. I  was  grieve and hurt for them as I prayed, asking God to comfort and heal them. As I was doing this I thought to my self that the church makes interceding something that they ought not to.

Intercession is not just a gift,  it is also a job for the spiritually strong. It is you going into the trenches of war. The pain I feel is not glamorous, and yet people make it look like interceding for the souls of others  is something to be applauded and rewarded; much akin to receiving an Oscar. What they don’t understand is that praying for others is NEVER about them; but about feeling someone else’s pain…

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Cognitive Skills at 45: Middle-Aged Brain More Resilient | TIME Ideas |

I read this and was fascinated. If you are middle aged, give yourself a pat on the back,you must be doing a lot of things right to have gotten this far in life. If you haven’t reached middle age yet, remember we all get there 🙂 and when you do, it’s actually pretty darned good!


Cognitive Skills at 45: Middle-Aged Brain More Resilient | TIME Ideas |

365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 30

January 30, 2012

True Beauty

Have you ever met someone and  you just knew by  casual observation, that they are going to be somebody? Well I met this young woman last summer and she is exactly that. Some people come into the world to change things for the better and I believe she will. Some people are born knowing  there purpose for being here right from the very start; this young woman certainly does. She is a delight to anybody who will take the time to really get to know her. I’m so glad I met you!