Can Men & Women Just Be Friends?

This video is a must for parents with teens as well as for adults. It’s just about using common sense and courtesy. Sometimes I wish we could go back to times when men behaved like gentlemen because women’s behavior encouraged them to do so. Enjoy your Saturday 🙂

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

Can Men & Women Just Be Friends?.

Glennon Melton: A Mountain I’m Willing To Die On

This post is brilliant and that’s why I’m sharing it on my blog. When are people going to understand that children are little imitators of what they see their parents do and say? Do you want to know what’s going on in someone’s home? Just look at the children because they are the barometer of that home. I heard a preacher say a long time ago when I used to go to church that the true measure of a man is in the way he treats his closest neighbors; his wife and children are his closest neighbors.

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

Glennon Melton: A Mountain I’m Willing To Die On.