365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 15

January 15,2012

The End

My daughter Esther has always had a fascination with horses. I would hear well meaning people tell me that it’s natural for young girls to have a love of horses. Well, she’s not so little anymore and she still adores them. I used to feel badly that I don’t have the money to get her one. As parents we wish we could give our kids everything they want. But one day I remembered what my uncle in whose home I grew up in told me when I was a kid: ” If I gave you all the things you want, you wouldn’t have anything to look forward to when you’re grown up.”  So one day I told  that to my girl  and she looked up at me with those gorgeous long eyelashes that could sweep the moon right into my hands and she said,” It’s ok Mama, I understand. So could you draw me one instead? ”  I told her I wasn’t sure I could do that and she said she knew I could since she’s seen my other art work. So I set about to do it and I pulled it off! Stay tuned because tomorrow that will be the picture I post. It’s wonderful when your own kids believe in you!