365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 4

I am starting a year-long blog challenge. The idea just came to me after I was done viewing all the photos I took on my trip. Here it is, come rain or shine, hell or high water, I will post a photo I took and I will attach a short story or poem or at least a personal comment. There won’t be any web images on this challenge; in this way, I’ll be whetting my writing appetite and having to dust off my camera and start shooting snap shots of life.

January 4, 2012

Malibu Sunset

The sun has set.

As you look back on your day,

what did you get?

With whom did you bet?

When you see the sun’s last ray,

who did you cheat?

Who did you beat?

Sort it all out at dusk.

Sort it all out before you hit the hay.

Make yourself this promise:

Tomorrow will be a better day.

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012