15 Days of Christmas Songs:13th Song

It’s down to 2 days my dear readers! Today’s song pick had to reflect the post I wrote  for today. As you watch this video and listen to this beautiful version of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” may The TRUE  Spirit of Christmas come to find a resting place in your heart. Rejoice in the season but more importantly, rejoice in HIS love!


I wrote this a couple of years ago and I’m posting it here for you in the hopes that you too may know the One, the TRUE  Spirit of Christmas


I thought I did not know what The Christmas Spirit was. For years I had gone through the motions and wondered what the big fuss was all about. On the first week of December (2009), I could not sleep,tossing and turning about in my bed much like the main character of the movie “Castaway” when he was on the vast ocean on a tiny raft he created by himself. I am not an insomniac so my sleeplessness was beyond my understanding.

After a while, my daughter Elena came to my bedside and she asked me if I wanted to talk. By now it was around 1 am and I didn’t want to keep her up because school would be rough for her the next day. Finally I consented after she reassured me that I she would be fine. Then we began to talk about Christmas and what it signifies to different people. She pointed out that she noticed that I love celebrating other holidays but that at Christmas, “Your spark goes out, Mama.” Well,here I had to stop for a second and realize my 15-year-old was reading my mail. UGH. So then I decided to face it head on and I admitted to both of us that she was perceiving correctly.

Elena proceeded to tell me that as she had read my book, As Clear As Claire Gets,she noticed that Christmas for me as a child was never about me but about everyone else. I winced as I let the full impact of her words penetrate through to that wounded part of my heart. I cried a while as she held me and then I felt the burden lift. I thanked her for being there for me and we both went to sleep.

The next morning that precious girl had left me a beautiful note written on an index card for me. She was pledging to make it her goal this season to help me feel the Christmas Spirit. She informed me that she would employ the help of her dad and her siblings to help her achieve this goal. I wept as I hugged her close to me.

Then I realized, I DO know The Christmas Spirit; I live with Him everyday of my life. You see, God‘s Spirit IS The Christmas Spirit and He dwells in my home and in the hearts of all my family members 365 days a year. What I find sad is that most people only allow God’s Spirit to touch them once a year at Christmas time.

Come on folks! This year when you pack away all of your Christmas ornaments and store them in your garage ,attic or basement, don’t put God’s Spirit in there and forget about Him until next December. That Spirit of Christmas is the same yesterday,today and forever and his name is Jesus Christ and He is alive and well! He wants to dwell in your heart all through the year. Are you going to invite Him in all year round or just dust Him off and put Him on display for one month out of the year?




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