15 Days of Christmas Songs:12th Song

This song I dedicate to all of my friends and family whom I wish I could see for the holidays. Bon Jovi does a nice job with “” Please Come Home for Christmas“. I’m just reminded to hold those who are near a little bit closer. This season hug and kiss those who are close by. And for those who can’t be there with you, say a prayer and send them angels to comfort and protect them 🙂


Paul said to the Corinthians ” You are an epistle known and read of all men.” You are always sending a message, so how do you read? That means the closest people will get to the real meaning of Christmas is what they encounter when they meet a Christ carrier. So at Christmas consider that you carry a gift inside of you. Let the wrapping be removed and let the gift you carry shine. Think about that. Your gifts, properly matured and put on display will create an exhibition of Christ for all the world to see. Your gifts when unveiled are God’s gift to the world through you. Let your good deeds speak for you and let your unique gifts shine like a light before men during this Jewish feast of lights – because you are a unique exhibition of the invisible God, and through you, darkness is displaced.

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