30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21

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Day 21 Question #21: What is the greatest lesson your children have ever taught you?

Answer: The one thing  I have learned after all these years of raising kids is how amazingly resilient their spirits are. When something bad happens they shrug it off more readily and easily than adults. I have asked my kids through the years to think back about when we were going through a rough spot, as a family or in my marriage to their dad. Their answers amaze me because I used to think that they would remember all the bad stuff in detail. Their answers that reflect that even though they knew times were bad, they took the good memories and cling to them. With the not so good things, they talk about it candidly and even laugh about some of the outlandish things they’ve seen.

A child’s bounce back ability is so amazing to me. I have seen each of my kids go through a terrible disappointment and be completely heart-broken and frustrated, only to shrug it off the next day. They move on quickly where adults linger in things that ought be discarded. That’s one of the biggest things I have learned from my kids. If things don’t happen like I thought they were going to, I follow their example; cry, shrug and move on.

Day of Acknowledgment

Thanksgiving Day,
a day to give thanks,
should not just be a holiday,
but also a lifestyle,
with an attitude,
of gratitude.
Let’s never forget
why it is we truly celebrate,
or else we’ll only be feasting for naught-
having forgotten
the very ones who fought
so we could partake
in this amazing gift,
a treasure from heaven:
That we seem to daily
take for granted.
Let our thanks be deliberate,
as we sit down with family to celebrate.
Oh, please America,
let us never stop our thanks,
let us always keep giving,
not only today on Thanksgiving.
America: Once one of the ten
lepers they were needing cleansing..
they reached out to be healed,
an then heaven touched them.
At once all ten were restored.

Healed and Restored

Nine of the ten ran off,
to live their lives without looking back.
Except for the one, America,
she came back on her knees in appreciation
to The One who healed,saved and restored.
Then she was blessed as a nation,
and she never ever since forgot
any of those who fought
for her freedom.
There are many who hate
gnashing their teeth everyday,
as they lay in wait
to see America fall on her face.
To see her crumble from outer space.
What they don’t realize,
is that America is great
because The One on His Throne,
sees her enemies and laughs,
and one day they’ll all be turned
from powder into stone.
Although America does stumble,
she was not made to break.
America is far from perfect,
if she was, she would be boring.
She is good…  being made better.
Oh let us never forget!
We must never turn our backs
on those who have fought.
Our freedom was blood bought,
to make America great.

Eva Santiago
Copyright 2009

Fall Foliage




I came to the USA,
33 years ago
Although I love my country of birth,
the place of my ancestors,
is still in my heart…
BUT I’ve lived in this great land,
for most of my life.
As a girl I ran on the sand
of her finest beaches.

Panama City Beach

I grew up eating
Georgia’s delectable peaches. 
I’ve seen the sunrise in the east,
to watch it descend
in the far west. 
My eyes have seen a feast,
but the sun setting where I live,
is always the finest,the absolute best.
All of my blessings
have been given to me here,
in this wonderful place.
Where God has given me favor,
and showed me His face.
I never give acknowledgement once a year.
For all that I have,
a life rich with flavor.
I look into the eyes of my loved ones…
daily I see,
daily I hear,
daily I know,
and daily I am aware of whom I’m indebted to.
Because I am rich without measure,
I look all around,
in my home, so MUCH treasure!
I appreciate you God,
for bringing me here,
I say it to you today and through out the rest of the year!!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of my family,friends and readers!

Eva Santiago copyright 2009

Fall in the Desert