30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

I was inspired this morning to start a 30 day Blog Challenge. The questions are from an interesting little book I picked up a while ago at a thrift store. THE MOM & DAD QUESTION, CREATIVE QUESTIONS to HONOR the FAMILY by Bret Nicholaus and Paul Lowrie. I will post one question per day and I will give you an answer that came from times of our discussing this little book at our family‘s dinner table. I look forward to my reader’s responses, so YES by all means leave me YOUR answers in the comments section of this blog. Since The Holidays are coming up, maybe you can pick up your own copy of this book and bring it to your own family’s holiday celebrations 🙂

Question #1:

For each one of your children, where were you and what were you doing when you realized that it was definitely time for your baby to be born?

Answer: Child #1: I was in the hospital where they induced me. Child #2: I was home trying to get some sleep when at midnight,  the contractions were coming at regular intervals. Child #3: I was making lunch for my 2 other kids who were toddlers at the time. Child #4: I was preparing dinner for my whole family and suddenly I had to call my midwife.