Julia’s Hands

Julia’s hands tell a story, 

 all cut up and bruised-

paint a sad picture of painful loss-

no pain, no gain, no glory.

Julia a young teen,

 been working those hands

since her mama died at eighteen.

 She took over a grown up’s work load

when tragedy hit their lowly abode.

Julia sent away to labor in far away lands.

Her hands never wore any rings.

Not once did she ever paint her nails,

 no time  for self adornment;

always outside carrying heavily filled pails.

She  looks at girls her age, in sheer wonderment;

pretty dresses, perfumed locks, perfectly painted nails.

Does Julia cry,”Why me? Why me?” ever?

No, this young girl knows that alas,

her lot in life is for now, certainly not forever.


Eva Santiago Copyright 2011



30 Day Music Challenge: Day 14

Johnny Cash influenced so many and I think his music will influence future generations to come. My favorite Johnny Cash song is one where he is feature with U2. “The Wanderer“, is a haunting tune and I was thrilled that one of my favorite ’80’s bands teamed up with such a huge icon to produce this amazing song. Cash preached a strong message in a number of his songs, to me this is one of his most powerful “sermons“; for U2 to pair up with him, was sheer brilliance!