J.O.W.K. (journal of an over worked kid)

Churchill Downs
Image by southerntabitha via Flickr

Dear Diary,

 And I’m off!! I feel like a freakin’ horse at the Churchill Downs on Kentucky Derby Day. Ugh. I have just begun junior high and I already have a work load that goes way beyond what some of my friends have. As if that weren’t enough, this whole summer I think I was able to go swimming a handful of times. You maybe asking me why so I will be more than thrilled to explain.

You see, this spring my mom took me to the Les Miserables auditions here in town. Yeah, I sing and pretty well at that. But I wasn’t ready to start doing regular shows. So I was casted as an extra and my mom was so disappointed that I didn’t get the main part. Like I said, I know I’m good but seriously, I wasn’t fit to play the main role.  My mom got through the let down, at least that’s what she wanted me to believe anyway; and she decided to be at every rehearsal after that.

Now, I’m not trying to be a spoiled diva but I have to vent here. My mom is one of those moms that hangs around the whole time we are rehearsing; she even tries to help the director and man, I’ve seen some of directors give her the evil eye a lot. She’s so embarrassing I just wished that she’d let me handle it on my own. Sometimes I have wondered who is getting more out of this; me or her.

Mindy, my mom, forever tells me about all the shows she was in when she went to college and how fun it was for her. She tells me how much fun I’m supposed to be having and to be honest I’m just not feeling it. For once I wished that she would pay attention to what I like; I love drawing silly pictures in crayons at my friend’s house. When I go over to my friend’s house, we giggle until the crack of dawn and then when we crash, I don’t get up until the middle of the day. I actually get to chill and be little at my bff’s house…sigh..

I gotta go…I have homework to do before she takes me to gymnastics class; did I mention this year I’m going to my first gymnastics class and I’m as coordinated as a paraplegic running The Boston Marathon?


Hailey Sims



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