Writing with Props

Today my writing group met and we all chose props to write with. This is so fun! I chose a pair of black opera style gloves and a Spanish fan. Here is what came to mind as I held the fan in my hand and I wore the gloves. Note of  interest: Writing with gloves is tough! 🙂

Elena stands on the balcony gazing deeply into the blazing skies. It’s sunset in Andalusia and the air is charged with electricity as Elene awaits the return of Zorro;her friend and lover. She fans her porcelain face nervously as a smile steals across her radiant countenance. Her mind meanders to that long ago night filled with terror and suspense.

The night when she first saw him, her heart skipped five beats inside her chest. Back then she was but a blushing young girl. Tonight is different, this is her luna de miel; and she looks longingly across the fiery plain and sees the silhouette of her dark knight. Elena runs out to meet him, she can wait no longer. She drops her fan on the cobblestone road. Zorro sees it and grabs it before it hits the ground. He hands it to his adoring bride and she opens it  to conceal her blushing smile.

Zorro dismounts Estupido, his never on time black stallion and kisses her black silky gloved hand,as he whispers in her ear,” Take off th glove, I want to feel my lips on your bare skin.” Elena obliges him and as he kisses her long, lovely fingers, he slips a breath taking 3k diamond on her wedding ring finger. Zorro sweeps enchanting Elena off her feet and she rides beside him on Estupido, the never on time stallion. The trio ride off into the dusk as the air is lightly scented with Elena’s wild rose musk.


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