30 Day Music Challenge: Day #2

Ric Ocasek, of The Cars
Image via Wikipedia

Here is a song that I can always count on to make me smile. I am a true romantic ; when I was little I never wanted to admit that I loved fairy tales,and I still do. Ric Ocasek, the lead singer from the “80’s pop group, The Cars, does this song; “Emotion in Motion” and I love how the video brings back that little kid in me. C’mon now, be honest with yourself and I dare you to look on your play lists, dvd collections and even your books and somewhere in there, I bet you have at least one fairy tale.

 C.S. Lewis once wrote that he would go into his closet to read fairy tales as a 12 year old boy. Then he ended up writing some of his best works: The Chronicles of Narnia!


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