Bonum diem tibi Deus! ( Good day to you God! Latin)

Wow! Today the temps soared high and fast. I actually hear the bugs scurrying for cover 🙂 As I stand here and ponder while hanging up wet clothes on this line, my thoughts turn to a friend of mine who is serving far away in Afghanistan. I was able to chat with him this morning on Facebook chat and I’m so thankful for technology. I think back on how it used to be back in the days when all people had was mail. I can’t imagine what that must have been like to know someone serving let’s say, in WWII and you never were able to hear from them ever.

So I ask you God, to continue you round the clock protection on my friend and this request I’m asking for all of our men and women in uniform. Thank you for every single man and woman who dons a uniform for the purpose of protecting our God given liberties. Wherever they may be, I’m certain you have legions of your angels safe guarding and watching over each soul who is out there right now. And for Daniel, when you get home sick, please know you are very much appreciated back here at home by everyone who knows you.

Thanks for listening God and bring on some cooler weather SOON!


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