Dear Diary,                                                                                                            8-17-’11

So here I go to yet another TV commercial try out and I think I’m invisible to my mom. Darla, my mom is driving me insane. She sees all this supposed talent in me but all I see when I look in the mirror is a nerdy 13 year old with stringy straw yellow hair, too big of a nose; oh yeah, she said not to worry about my nose because when I get the “right ” age she’s gonna get it taken care of by taking me to see Dr. Nip and Tuck It.  Whoot whoot :(.

I have never ever in my 13 years alive on planet earth ever recalled telling Darla that I wanted to be in the spot light. This whole thing started when my Grandma decided for my mom to put me in baby pageants. So off I went at 2 years old, barely walking and I was on a stage wearing these stupid feathers and fake tiaras. All I have ever wanted to do was normal kid things, you know like climb trees, ride a roller coaster ’til I barf from having eaten too much pink cotton candy and just maybe go to the beach and pick up shells.

Darla doesn’t see it that way though. I really think that when I was born and she held me for the first time she and grandma saw $$$ Dollar$$$ signs stamped all over me. Since then it has been non-stop and honestly some days I feel like just running away and becoming one of those kids that ends up on a milk carton. May be that would end all of my problems and give the grown ups something real to worry about for a change.

I’ll write more later, I have to run now because I’m late for the auditions…



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