TFCL (talk from the clothesline)

When you sing a song to God, hold on because He will sing it back to you!

When you praise Him for all that He’s done and all that He is; He will praise  and brag on you, His child.

When you give something to God,He gives it back to you-multiplied! everything he does is magnified.

When you worship God from your being, He shows you how much He adores you!

Hallo Gott! (Hello God, in German).

Yesterday I was telling a friend  how people can look at me as if I’m crazy for the way I praise you during a church service. Some people will give me funny looks  as if to say,” What’s the big deal here? Does she need really to go on like that??” I find it amusing that folks will literally fall apart when their favorite NFL team scores during a game, yet when it comes time to praise YOU, they turn suddenly shy and uncomfortable.

 So next time you pass judgement on someone like me, who has freedom to hoot and holler for her God; remember  if you have that kind of zeal for your favorite pro ballers, God would like to hear you go on like that about Him from time to time 🙂

Ich werde mit dir reden später … Ich liebe dich!


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On this category I will feature Eva’s Notable Notes; observations I make about life in general.


My goal as a writer is to be a sponge. What do sponges do? They rest until someone uses them. They absorb. They soak up. Once they are soaked they are wrung out so they can soak some more. As a writer I soak in everything I can that’s going on around me; making mental notes of bits of conversations I’ve heard. I jot down things in my note book that I’ll use later on.  I don’t ever want to be a dried up sponge as those serve no purpose; eventually dried  sponges disintegrate and are thrown out.




Nine little dancers all in a row,

up,up releve 

down, down, plie,

touch your toes.