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Ok with all of the bad things that are happening in our world today it is very. very easy to start complaining and stay negative. I challenge you to grab a journal, small or large it doesn’t matter; and begin to take note of anything good and positive that happens to you in your day; whether it was something big or small, jot it down and name your journal My BRIGHT SPOT LOG. I began to do this a long time ago and it does help a person to keep focused on the good things in life. Caution: You have to be willing to tune into your life and keep your eyes and ears open to all of the blessings that are sent your way. BEWARE: Keeping a daily record of the bright spots in your day will cause you to smile and be thankful. One last thought: As you read back on your journal, you’ll see how God so does care about you and that will strengthen your trust in Him.

I will start mine here to give you an idea of how easy this is 🙂 GO!!!


I went to the gym with Heidi and Elena.

I helped  Mamacita start her blog!     

My husband is fixing the car so the breaks won’t go out on us.

My 4 kids went to your group last night at church and when they all came back they said they had a good time in God’s Presence.

Heidi turned me on to Bar-B-Cue Chicken about YUMMMM.

Raquel was given so many clothes she had to empty out her closet so she could make room for the new clothes.’s THAT easy to be thankful and you’ll put a smile on God’s face because He loves it when His people thank Him!


The Bridge Across Forever

Is there a bridge across forever?

The bridge across forever,

you get there after traveling a while.

The people you travel with,

those who help you hold it together;

they wait for you,

on the bridge across forever.

Who ever it was you think you lost,

whoever you think you left behind;

they’re waiting for you-

on the bridge across forever.

Once there you’ll do a lot of looking;

you’ll  look in the past,

you’ll look in the present…

your future awaits you…on the bridge across forever.

Eva Santiago Copyright 2011