Just Believe: Part4


I remember a time when the doctors put a chest tube in me; they had given me the option of inserting a tube in my arm for dialysis or I could opt out and have the tube in my chest. Well I didn’t want it to go in my arm because I was more concerned with how it would look. So I told them to put it in my chest. That was the wrong choice alright! I learned later that if the tube were to slip out, it could get infected, and I didn’t need any more problems to add to my plate which was already piled to the ceiling.
I began to play sports and do everything I wasn’t supposed to. If I played contact sports there was always the chance of that tube slipping out, but I didn’t care what the doctors said. I was rebelling against all of their warnings and it felt good for a change because I felt like I could have some say. And of course as you may have already guessed, the darned tube would slip out; but guess what? Not once did I get an infection like they had predicted. So I took that as a sign that someone way bigger than me was looking out for me: GOD! I believe He wanted me to have some kind of enjoyment in my life as I learned to live with kidney failure.
 One day,the chest tube which  was inserted in between my ribs, was letting me be aware of its intruding presence in my body and I couldn’t stand the pain. I cried tears I didn’t know I had. My parents took me to get some x-rays done at the hospital and I couldn’t hide my tears. My oldest brother, Tony tried to cheer me up,
“Hey, don’t go crying like that. See that hot nurse over there? I could of sworn I saw her looking your way. If  she sees you crying like that she’s gonna think you’re lame.”  I paused for a minute as I took in what Tony said, that made me stop thinking about my torture and I was able to laugh a little. But all too soon the pain over came me and I could not control it. That night the doctors decided to take out the tube for good and from that time on, I’ve had the tube in my arm.
I was discovering God had my back and because of HIM I was making it from one day to the next. Because of HIM I was holding on!
On my next post I will tell you how JR has relied on his mom-Sharon to help him through some of the toughest times he has had to face…
Eva Santiago Copyright 2011



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