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Ok with all of the bad things that are happening in our world today it is very. very easy to start complaining and stay negative. I challenge you to grab a journal, small or large it doesn’t matter; and begin to take note of anything good and positive that happens to you in your day; whether it was something big or small, jot it down and name your journal My BRIGHT SPOT LOG. I began to do this a long time ago and it does help a person to keep focused on the good things in life. Caution: You have to be willing to tune into your life and keep your eyes and ears open to all of the blessings that are sent your way. BEWARE: Keeping a daily record of the bright spots in your day will cause you to smile and be thankful. One last thought: As you read back on your journal, you’ll see how God so does care about you and that will strengthen your trust in Him.

I will start mine here to give you an idea of how easy this is 🙂 GO!!!


I went to the gym with Heidi and Elena.

I helped  Mamacita start her blog!     

My husband is fixing the car so the breaks won’t go out on us.

My 4 kids went to your group last night at church and when they all came back they said they had a good time in God’s Presence.

Heidi turned me on to Bar-B-Cue Chicken about YUMMMM.

Raquel was given so many clothes she had to empty out her closet so she could make room for the new clothes.’s THAT easy to be thankful and you’ll put a smile on God’s face because He loves it when His people thank Him!


The Bridge Across Forever

Is there a bridge across forever?

The bridge across forever,

you get there after traveling a while.

The people you travel with,

those who help you hold it together;

they wait for you,

on the bridge across forever.

Who ever it was you think you lost,

whoever you think you left behind;

they’re waiting for you-

on the bridge across forever.

Once there you’ll do a lot of looking;

you’ll  look in the past,

you’ll look in the present…

your future awaits you…on the bridge across forever.

Eva Santiago Copyright 2011


Pictures on my wall

make this house my home.

Pictures on the wall

tell visitors who I am,

where I’ve been,

what I have done.

Pictures on the wall-

 keepsakes of loved ones close by

and others long gone.

Pictures on the wall

bring back  who I used to be

and who I have become.

Pictures on the wall

whispering to me:

My kids are always growing tall,

they are growing up,

they WILL answer the call.

Pictures on the wall

take me far away places;

a snow covered mountain top,

a mystical cascading water fall.

Pictures on the wall

recollections of what we had

when it was just you and I;

when you held me tight

and made me yours.

Even after a fight,

and through many shed tears,

pictures on the wall

show I’ve faced many fears.

Pictures on the wall

after all these years,

quiet reminders

of all I hold dear.


Eva Santiago copyright 2011


I wanted to share this with you, it was written by one of the members in my writing group yesterday. She asked to be kept anonymous and I shall respect her wishes. One thing I must say is that this lovely young woman has the potential to be a  great writer one day. By coming to my group, I hope to unlock the writer within her. Thanks my friend for allowing me to share this!



This place is very still,

unlike the world around it

which bustles about it impatiently.

It is at rest,

yet somehow searching

like the people inside it:

Peaceful and wondering –

at least for the moment.

-ANONYMOUS 4-7-2011

The Good Ol’ Days…

Why do people long for “the good ol’ days” ? Don’t they realize that to younger folks that might sound as though they might be missing out on something? The so called “good ol’ days”  sounds to me like someone is having a hard time adjusting to these days.  So what do they call now,”The bad new days”? 

Seriously, I believe we are living in one of the most exciting time periods ever. I’m glad I wasn’t born in the Medieval times, or when the New World was being settled. I wonder what folks in times past would think of our lives today. I am certain they would have a  hard time adjusting to modern times as a modern person would who went back. Was life back then simpler really?

Upon closer inspection I would have to say no one in any time period has had it   easier than the next. Sure our ancestors did a lot of their work manually since machines were just being invented to lighten man’s load. But they fought and struggled just as we do. Our modern lives seem simple, but are they? With all of our technological advances are we smarter and better off?

If we were to be honest, I think we have to admit that we are more confused now than our ancestors ever were. We have information bombarding us daily; where the settlers of the American frontier had to fend off  the wild  in their environment, we have to fight our own wild beasts that demand our time and attention 24/7; the media, electronic gadgets,, government rules that encroach upon our liberties. This is   the wilderness we’re contending with daily.

Lastly, even though our ancestors lived shorter lives than we do, are we really living longer? Their food quality was better than ours; farmers grew food and let the soil rest every so often so as not to deplete the soil of its nutrients. Here in modern life we have to turn to supplements in order to ensure we are receiving the lost nutrients from our food. Medial advances have been majorly improved upon yet we have the highest rates of obesity, malnutrition and food allergies ever recorded. We may be living longer but not better lives.

So next time you look back and pine away for “the good ol’ days” why not make THESE days we are living now the best? One way to do so is to stop complaining about what was; for all you know you could be making a myth about a not so great time period. Live for today because that’s all we have. Don’t whine about the past; take the good from it and leave the rest behind. Regarding the future, remember that whatever you are doing right at this moment will affect your tomorrow, for better or worse. Today is your answer to the prayer you said yesterday.

Ecclesiates 7:10

Don’t ask why the old days were better than now, because that is a foolish question.

Ecclesiastes 7:8

The end of something is better than its beginning, so the patient are better than the proud.

He Wept Sore

And he wept sore,

he knew he could do no more.

He wept sore,

he knew not,

what was in store.

He wept sore,

he knew not a lot,

but he did know the score.

He wept sore;

the one he claimed to love,

she picked up and walked out the front door.

He wept sore,

he wept long and hard,

then he crumbled and fell on the floor.

Eva Santiago Copyright 2011

TFCL (talk from the clothes line)

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Bon Jour Dieu!

I want to greet you in other languages because I wonder if you ever get tired of hearing English all the time 🙂

Please watch over my friend who is serving our country in Afghanistan right now. Please protect him and help him out with his duties over seas. When he gets weary and home sick, let him know you are near. Help his family out in his absence by meeting all of their needs while he’s away.

God, I’m not going to stand out here and bring you my laundry list. You deserve so much, much more than that!  So instead I shall tell you how fantastic you are because I know you like it when I praise you.

Thanks for resolving that conflict that I had with that one business; I don’t need to mention names because I know you know who I’m referring to. Grant me favor!

 You are so beautiful to me. There was a song like that; wasn’t it back in the ‘7o’s? Anyways, the song suits you and so I shall sing you the little bit I know. Hang on though because that’s the ONLY line I know. hee hee

The US flag I have hanging in front of my house reminds me to pray for all of our troops defending our freedom here at home and over seas. God, America needs you more than ever right now, so I’m sending out an S.O.S. confident that you ARE hearing your people and responding accordingly.

Chao for now!

 Je t’aime mon Dieu!

The Star

There once was a girl with curly black hair.

She loved to write and her name was Clare.

She loved to sing which was on the beat;

and she liked to watch birds,

now that’s pretty neat!

Her writing was her talent-

she was so great.

She wrote a book,

which tops the cake.

Clare was on a journey-

the longest of all.

Everyone said she was the shiniest star.

Before she began her journey,

Clare packed all of her stuff;

the village people were sad,

they went out in a huff.

The journey was long,

the journey was short;

it was the best of them all.

Clare made a friend: Tammy Defoe.

Clare’s husband’s name was David Defoe.

She made a lot of friends- Manny and Jenny.

The greatest of them all was Clare’s own Pappy.

He was very strong; the strongest of them all.

He told her to quit writing!

For Clare, this was the worst of all.

She was sad, sad, sad and MAD.

Her pappy told her to cheer up;

he told her not to be sad but glad.

So on her journey Clare cheered herself up

she made many friends and she bought a pup.

When at last  Clare’s journey ended

God brought her in a great big blast.

He had a big plan for Clare;

He gave her a family and she got her writing back.

I tell you this story is true:

There IS a BIG God and a writing girl too.

Her name is Clare- she doesn’t blend.

She has all her needs met,

God has been with Clare from beginning to end!

Raquel Brincat Copyright 2011

TFCL (talk from the clothes line)

Ok God, please remind me to start doing laundry earlier in the day so I won’t be out here at 3pm when it’s the most scorching . The beads of perspiration forming on my upper lip and forehead remind me of the sound sizzling bacon makes on a live griddle.

Thanks for sending Raquel out here to pitch in. She said, “Mama I love the wet clothes on me ’cause it’s so hot.” Lightbulb! What a great idea. The help didn’t last long though; she couldn’t take the heat trying to bake her all of 4’5 frame so I sent her along.

Where were we God…AH yes, I know hell exists because  I live in a hot, arid climate and I imagine this has to be hell on earth! One big difference between this and the furnace that burns eternally: There is cold water, an occasional light breeze and shade! That’s what I imagine, it’s not like I want to find out! 🙂

Before I hang this last pair of socks, I just want you to know God, how glad I am that you are my friend.Chao for now ( as I make a fast dash for the shade of my porch where my ice cold water awaits.

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I enjoy hanging my family’s laundry out to dry on a clothes line my husband made by the side of our house. I live in the desert so in the summer the clothes are air dried in a matter of minutes. For years I have done this and I want to share some of the things I muse over in my mind as I talk to God while I hang the clothes.

Hey God, I ‘m so glad you meet me out here as I do this because I don’t feel so alone in this heat. Please tell the annoying wind to stop blowing so hard b/c I’ll get sand on these fresh clean clothes…Thanks! ( As the wind quiets) 🙂

 You are so cool God! You have given my family and I so many blessings that when I sit down to write them all I run out of paper. Since you bless me so much in big and little ways everyday; feel free to tell me what I can do for you today to make you smile.

Thanks  for letting me write JR’s story. A long time ago I had a t-shirt that said: ” Speak for those who can’t speak for themselves” printed on the front of it. Well I never forgot that and ever since You have been blessing me for doing just that.

Ok, I’ll be back with the next load. It’ll be the whites; since it’s pretty big load, I’ll be out here more with you God. Thanks for hearing me and as always I look forward to our next chat! Chao!